Day 63 | Charly Adams

Covenants. Answered prayers. They’re both a form of promise from God.

As part of music video week, I am revealing a deep, dark secret. I have a love for NSYNC, and I’ve always loved this song. Few things make me cry but this one is pretty consistently successful.

Disclaimer y’all–the video is more about the song than the video.

It’s definitely an odd thing to place here and it may get weirder when I tell you to listen to this like God is saying it to David, the Jews, or us. Honestly, I don’t find most of it as that much of a stretch: an eternal promise to love and protect.

These two Psalms both reflect promises that David has heard. Psalm 110 reflects promise of triumph in battle and the world. Verse 4 is even used later to reference Jesus. If God can keep and fulfill promises for that long and maintain ones like his covenant with Noah, then it’s not crazy for us believe that God has made promises for us and will fulfill them.

In case we needed the reminder, Psalm 111:3 and 10 remind us that God really is forever and always working for good and justice (even in his promises to us).

What promises have you heard from God recently and do you feel like he’s going to make good on them?

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