Day 86 | Gabriele Hickman

“I keep getting the praising God psalms. What am I supposed to do with those?” 

This is a real question I asked the other day. I’m a lovely Christian. Other questions that day included Are parking lot people going to be this terrible always? and Do you think angels sing our worship songs or theirs? 

I ask a lot of questions. To God, to people, to myself. We’ve been asking a lot of questions during our study this summer, many of them without answers.

I wanted to help close our study with something brilliant and beautiful, with words that tingle in the back of your throat and leave you working the concepts into a pop song on the radio.

But when asking God what He wanted, I’m not quite sure that’s what He had in mind– my glory, my accolades, my worth found in words on a computer screen.

I think what He wanted was to teach me something. He didn’t want to teach it to me through fancy words or skillful writing. He didn’t want to teach it to me through layered and sophisticated heartbreak. He wanted to do it in a Delerious? song from the 90s. And not even the one where he sings flyyyyyyyyyyyy with an enticing English accent.

It’s called The Happy Song. We used to sing it in my church but get this: only on very special occasions. It’s not a complicated song. You basically clap and jump around and sing about how ridiculously happy you are. It’s fun. It’s obnoxious. It’s everything church should be.

And for three minutes, I was happy.  I was happy about the prospect of God. I was even happy about Jesus. I was so happy.

What am I supposed to do with those? 

You’re supposed to get over yourself.

And it’s not as awful as it sounds. It may not have all the answers, but it’s freeing. It’s possible.

It’s happy.

I don’t want us to forget about the questions and the pain and the struggles we find in our lives and in the Psalms. Those are a very real part of our journey, and God cares about them relentlessly. But I think God also wants us to let go every now and then and sit in the utter joy that is His love.

Every now and then, he wants to give you the praising God psalms and 90s worship music.

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