Day 76 | Zak Calloway


In Psalm 126, we find the writer rejoicing in the amazing blessing that God has granted the nation of Israel. Israel was a land that other nations looked to due to their amazing success during the time of King David and King Solomon.

Lunch atop a Skyscraper by Charles C. Ebbets

This is due to the hard work and tenacity of not just the kings and leadership, but the people faithfully serving and putting their hands to the ground and working. It’s hard to see yourself when you’re near the bottom of the food chain making an impact, but everybody plays a part. It may be hard work, but God honors your fervor and passion.

The steel workers in the picture above weren’t the ones that commissioned the skyscrapers they worked on. But their efforts made an impact on the New York skyline to this day. How much more will God honor your determination and effort in loving other people for his sake?

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