Day 69 | Charly Adams

Here we go on sections eight through eleven of this poem. I do want you guys to remember as you read these three sections that they are small stanzas in a greater poem about blessing. I want to invite you guys to read a section and then read my commentary before moving to the next section.

Heth verses 57-64

Last week, Gabi and I had a discussion in the comments about what you do when you feel like God hasn’t delivered on promises or you feel like you don’t have any. My response was something along the lines of try and live the path he’s set for you. You should go back and read it if you relate. I’m realizing that my answer was super vague, partially because all of our paths are different, but if you’re needing help, this provides a great answer on how to start. Follow the commandments, pray, dedicate time to God, be open to learning more.

Teth verses 65-72

I’m going to keep going with the promise idea here for a little bit. I think this provides another answer of how to live into God’s promises, a phrase I also used in my discussion with Gabi. Here, it’s not so much about things you can do, but rather choices that you can make. It’s not enough to seek God in your spiritual life. It is also necessary to show his influence in your daily life, your secular life. Keep the precepts with all your heart (verse 69). Delight in the law (verse 70). Keep and honor the word (verse 67).

Yodh verse 73-88

This has continued to fit into the promise theme for me. It shows that in living the way of God, there is a hope that God will make good on his promises whatever those may have been to you. I’ve found myself in a position where I’m not actually sure what those promises are for me and I’ve been sitting here as I wrote last week’s and this week’s reflections wondering how I could find that out. Verse 76 hit me. “O may Your lovingkindness and graciousness comfort me, According to Your word (promise) to Your servant.” The word (a.k.a. The Bible) is full of God’s promises, and some of those are general to all of his people. If we feel like we’re lacking in promises, give the Bible a read and you’ll probably find at least a few promises you can start living into.

I’d love to hear what y’all got from each section.

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