Day 58: Charly Adams

This is going to be a little different than my last few. Psalm 104 is pretty long, but has a lot of affirmation of God’s power and consistency. Because of that, I am going to pull out some of the verses that really struck me (either as convicting or heartening).

Psalm 104:4

We talk about ministers being on fire or dropping the fire or even the message being lit when everything is just really on point. This is simply the confirmation that they are truly being fueled and guided by the Holy Spirit. It’s a proof that God is wanting to guide us and be with us through everything we do. For this to happen we have to be willing to live our life for God.

Psalm 104:13

Here the earth can be seen as literally the physical earth or the earth being all the beings and living things on the earth. Yes, I realize that second option is a bit of a stretch, but it can provide a call to action on a way to live our lives.

Psalm 104:17-19

This just hit me as a reminder that God made everything with its purpose and place.

Psalm 104:27

This is a wonderful reminder of the way we should see God. It is preceded by a list of animals and creatures that fully rely on God. This verse reminded me that God is clearly capable of providing whatever is needed and the other animals don’t stress about these things so why should we.

If you’re seeing something different than me in your translation and what I’m saying isn’t making sense I’m (again) using Young’s Literal Translation.

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