Day 40 | Zak Calloway

Psalm 70

While demanding justice has been a concept I’ve been wrestling with all summer, for some reason these verses resonate with me a little bit more (probably cause we’ve been hearing similar phrases for a few weeks now). To me, this particular passage is David begging God for the work of good men not to go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine my life as meaningful in the grand scheme of time, but here, I find David wanting God not only to save him, but to lessen the impact of evil in the world. And THAT I can relate with.

To cope with the fact that I was hiking around outside at Cumberland island, I pointed at the local monuments.

Psalm 71

A lot of my sentiment from Psalm 70 is reiterated in 71, but a few verses catch my eye:

“7 To many people, I am an example of how much you care.”   
An amazing reminder of the impact our life, story, and witness has on the people in our lives.

Throughout verses 9 – 18, David is asking God to stay present when he grows old and to never leave even when his strength wanes. It’s easy to correlate Gods presence with our ability and the extent of influence we have in the world, but I believe David is calling that idea into question. How arrogant of us to act like all that we can do and all we want our legacy to be is dependent solely on us!

We all work for so many things and to be known when our time is done, but too often we forget the part God plays in the monuments we make and the legacy we are weaving. What happens when we lean into God rather than ourselves?

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