Day 33 | Zak Calloway


Psalm 56

9 “My enemies will turn back when I call out to you for help. Then I will know that God is on my side”
It’s hard to live life with a more expanded perspective than just the now. Our busy lives tend to keep us in the present and unaware. Due to our constant hustle, it’s often hard to see all that God works together and even harder to pinpoint it and name it. Psalm 56:9 seems to speak to this as David has been crying out for God to intervene in his life and this verse is an expectation. David seems to think that only when he sees the obstacles in his life fall away can he know that God is on his side. While that seems bold and unrealistic to me, it’s also immensely challenging. How would our perspective shift if we allow that mindset to creep in?

Psalm 57

I love how this Psalm will repeat itself in rapid succession. He seems to have that mentality of pray it until you mean it. If I’m honest, that sentiment seems disingenuous. If I don’t mean/believe this, why should I pray for it? God surely knows I don’t have faith in my words? David seems to challenge this notion and asks us to live in that tension. While our faith should be genuine and our intentions fixed on a God above, sometimes it may take our brain time to get to the place our heart wants us to be.

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