Day 26 | Zak Calloway

I so wish I could hear what these Psalms sounded like whenever they were sung. Could have been cool.

Anyway, let’s get started!

I love the overarching narrative found in Psalm 46. We find the writers declaring that even if the world is falling apart around us, God will still be present and move it all together. Verses 8 and 9, to me, display a God that can disrupt everything the world is doing to end wars and bring peace. Psalm 46 simply displays a confidence in God being honored even through all the strife that the world is engulfed in and I find that immensely empowering.

(Another quick rabbit hole: these first few verses immediately remind me of that one Chris Tomlin song Awesome is the Lord Most High. Don’t know how I feel about that, but I thought it was critical to mention.)

Psalm 47 kinda stirs some funny emotions for me (the whole God bringing nations under another nation’s control sparks stuff). I want to remind everybody that these Psalms were written at a specific time for a specific people so that makes me need to look at this chapter in a different way to find what I can glean from this. What I ended up finding is an importance in recognizing all God has done and will do for us.

Verse 5 “God went up to his throne while his people were shouting with joy. The Lord went up while trumpets were playing.”

To me, this brings to mind that importance of us praying and anticipating God to move. While it can seem very hard to identify with the God of the universe moving on our behalf, I hope these Psalms somehow manage to challenge your posture to the creator of everything. He loves and cares for you. He wants you to ask so he can move. So ask.

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