An Open Letter to College Students // Katie Card


In case no one has told you yet, this is a very exciting time in your life: full of adventure, and hope, and new beginnings.

But someone has probably already told you that. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve heard it over and over, until you just start rolling your eyes when you hear people talk about college.

Other people’s advice about college often sounds dumb, or meaningless. Usually, all the advice sounds the same. It’s almost as though every adult in the world has conspired to say the exact same things about college- as though every college student experiences the same things at college- a cookie-cutter college experience.

But that’s actually opposite of the truth. In truth, college never happens like you expect. College isn’t like it was for your mother, or your older siblings, or the characters in a movie or book. College is a different experience for everyone, because everyone brings different things to college. It’s not a pre-laid out path the way high school was.

In college, everything is a choice. You have to think and make decisions, and those decisions will decide a lot of your path. You choose what you want to major in, and how many classes to take. You choose when to study and when to party. You choose how to act, and what kind of a person you will be.

Maybe the best and most interesting thing about college is that when you have graduated and walked across the stage, you will find that the choices you made throughout college have changed you into someone you chose to create.

You, and no one else, get to decide what kind of a person you will be on the other side of the stage. So bring the best of yourself to college. Bring as much of yourself as you can, because the most truthful advice people give is that college is over too quick (even when it feels like it’s taking forever).

Good luck!

Katie Card


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