Incite is a blog for college students on the campuses of Northeast Florida. A project from the Campus to City Wesley Foundation, Incite seeks to provide resources for students on their faith journey. Whether in the valley or on the summit, bloggers strive to incite passion, action, service and community.



Meet Our Bloggers


Photo by Joshua Brangenberg:

Mary Caroline Moeller is a sophomore at the University of North Florida studying English Education with a minor in French. She hopes to one day become a teacher in an AP Literature classroom. Her favorite books include The Great Gatsby, The Fault in Our Stars, and her journal. Her hobbies, outside of writing, include reading, cooking, and dancing.


Photo by Joshua Brangenberg

Tatum Schumann is a junior at the University of North Florida. She has been blessed with a wild and untameable love for chemistry. During the time she spends away from the library, she likes running, playing scrabble, and baking.


Photo by Joshua Brangenberg

Gabriele Hickman is a junior communication major at Jacksonville University with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to be a journalist who gives others an outlet to find their voice. When she’s not reminiscing about the 90s, Gabriele can be found talking to her parents, who are basically super heroes.

Meet Our Social Media Coordinator 

Hannah Kirkwood recently received her Associate Degree from the University of North Florida and is currently trying to pursue an education in nursing. Swimming has been a big part of her life, especially during high school where she participated on the Plant City High School Swim Team for four years, as well as participating in a year around competitive swim team, Tampa Bay Aquatics since 7th grade. She is also an avid reader always enjoys being engulfed in a good book.